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    • Our water treatment system is able to utilize water from various sources. We can construct a plant which exactly meets the clients' needs of the water quality and quantity in any area.
      We produce the plant from the design to the assembly, so that our plant can be utilized flexibly from a factory to a hospital.

    • After the Great East Japan Earthquake, the demand of utilizing underground water has been increasing in order to secure drinking water. Water pipes are easily destroyed by liquefaction in case of earthquake, and it takes long time for restoration. On the other hand, a well has a better chance to survive because it moves with the quake. Also the system can independently operate in case of power cut by installing an electric generator or a large water storing tank. In fact, we received many positive reviews from hospitals that our system functioned well under such circumstances in the Great East Japan Earthquake in March, 2011.
    • By combining different treatment technologies, from ultra-purified water to industrial water, our system can produce water quality according to customer's and purposes. We use in our water treatment system only qualified membrane under the Japanese Drinking Water Standard.

    • Our water treatment system is build right on the site where water treatment is needed, so that the large scale pipelining is no necessary.
      We can install the system from a building to a factory. In addition, this system can supply water without long pipelining to the village where public water supplying this system is not installed as the interim water(treatment system using the water resources on-site)
    • We have been providing quality water to variety of facilities such as hospitals, hotels, shopping centers, steel plants, food factories and etc.

    • Our Water treatment system contains 24 hours monitoring system.
      We monitor the system by using internet. Our specialist visits the site periodically to implement mechanical inspection and water quality inspection, so that the customer can receive stable and good quality water supply.
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