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    • Specialties
      • All purpose brush for cleaning all types of casing and screen including PVC!
      • Floating brush design ensures free movement, which virtually eliminates binding or “hanging up” inside the casing!
      • Interchangeable brush design allows you to select the brush size to match the casing to be brushed!
      • Durable! Will not wear out as quickly and holds its shape better than conventional steel-bristled brushes. Heavy-duty bristles are made of the highest quality polypropylene.
      Model Brush Size (mm) Prices
      *excl. tax

      ▼sample pictures with
      original bail
      left)J200    right)J400
       J200-4 100 50 130 20,000
       J200-5 125 20,000
       J200-6 150 21,000
       J200-8 200 22,000
       J400-8 200 100 200 44,000
       J400-10 250 46,000
       J400-12 300 48,000
       J400-14 350 50,000
       J400-16 400 55,000
       J400-18 450 75,000
       J400-20 500 80,000
       J400-22 550 85,000
       J400-24 600 90,000

      <Attention > We have revised the price for the items manufactured by COTEY due to price increase of the materials price and the freight since January 2019.

      Assembly Sample
      Can be assemble to your drill rod or cable or pipe. Original bails are also in sellable.
      manufacturer COTEY CHEMICAL CORPORATION (USA・Texas)
      Specialties The Klamp allows workers to bring pipe up to an easy working level.Equipped with serrated and hardened replaceable jaws. It is one of the safest time saving tools you will ever own.
      Capabilities of well diameters 1~2inch pipe(33.4mm o.d.~60.3mm o.d.)
      Capabilities of pipe material PVC, stainless, and galvanized
      Others Excellent holding capability with load tests over 3000 lbs.
      Price JPY67,000-(excluding tax)
      ※This sample photo shows that KLAMP is holding 50A stainless steel pipe.
      ※For other sizes, please contact us.
      Yellow Pipe/Bench Chain Vise
      Specialties Vise features a rugged cast steel base with pipe rest and bender.
      Capabilities of well diameters 1/2~6 inch pipe (21.3mm o.d.~168.2mm o.d.)
      Length of Chain 24inch(60.96mm)
      Weight 17lbs(7kg)
      Price JPY36,000-(excluding tax)
      Kwik-ZIP 155 SERIES/Centrailzer
      Specialties This model will centralize casing and sheathing.
      Capabilities of well diameters 2.28~7.09inch pipe(58mm o.d.~180mm o.d.)
      H155 need number of segments 2~4pcs
      recommended to attache assembled 1 Kwik-zip each a pipe(up to 6000mm)
      Height of Bow 50mm(1.96in)
      Price JPY1,400-(excluding tax)/1 piece
      ※For other sizes, please contact us.