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    • Safe, simple, reliable at a reasonable price. A pure hydroxide iron particles water filter synthesized with high quality materials. Specifically adsorbs and eliminates residual arsenic without altering the quality of the feed water. Works against low concentration levels that even slightly exceed water quality standards (0.01mg/l).
      Utilizes the world's strongest arsenic adsorber developed in Germany. Sufficiently clears strict water quality standards.
    • Achieves high adsorption of 60g or higher per 1kg of arsenic.
      Safe system that results in no runoff of dangerous substances and does not impact PH.
      Allows a compact and economic system structure.
      An easy system that can be automated and offers reliable filtering.
      Use of a coagulant eliminates the need to process sludge, etc.
      Reverse osmosis membrane eliminates the need for discharging concentrated drain.
      Able to sufficiently process high concentrations.
    • Capacity

      Elimination of arsenic in drinking water (0.01mg/L or less)
      Elimination of arsenic in hot spring water drain (0.1mg/L or less))


      A simple and low-maintenance system that only requires a backwash once every 10 days. Not only does this system use a low-cost filter material enable you to reduce initial costs, the system can be used for a maximum of 36 months before the need for filter replacement. Low electricity usage and low maintenance costs.

    • Adsorption via a fixed filter bed removes arsenic
      from natural water
      Arsenic adsorption isotherms
      (water temperature 20℃)
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