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    • High-quality sterile water is required during all stages of the food manufacturing processes. UF Guard® is a revolutionary product that uses an ultra-fine UF membrane (ultrafiltration membrane) to achieve the reliable elimination of viruses, common germs, colon bacillus, SS elements, and other substances 0.01 microns and higher to provide high-quality and sterile water.
      We deliver a device, but what you are purchasing is reliability.
    • Removes viruses, microbacteria, and SS elements from source water to provide a chemical-free, safe and sterile water.
    • Does not use chemicals, ultraviolet rays, or ozone, etc., for sterilization, meaning there is not change in quality of the source water.
    • Using only a UF membrane at low pressure ensures reliable sterilization and purification.
    • Regular backwash enables washing and reuse of the UF membrane. Also, we use unique technology of cross flow and backwash method to realize a long service life of the membrane.
    • Directly importing highly advanced technology and parts from the USA and EU for use in our unique manufacturing process, we achieve amazingly low-cost production and high cost performance. A system you can trust.
    • Ultra-fine filtration and non-chemical sterile water purification for food materials use water (ground water, city water)
    • Non-chemical sterile water purification when using sea water at marine products manufacturing factories
    • Reuse and sterile water purification of washing process water used on food ingredients
    • Reuse through non-chemical sterilization of circulative liquid manure
    • Capacity and Operation 2m3/h~100m3/h
      Removal Ability virus, common bacteria, Bacillus coli, the other fungi, more than 0.01 micrometer of suspended solids
      Type of Membrane UF Membrane(ultrafiltration membrane)150,000 molecular weight cut off
      Material of Membrane polyethersulfone (PES) inner pressure type
      Number of Membrane Ф250×1200mm 1 to 50(qty) / 1 unit
      water temperature Maximum 50℃
      Maximum pressure 0.3Mp(IN)
      Range of PH 2~13
      Filter System Cross-Flow Filtration( a part of reflux method )
    • Case 1 By combining with pre-processing, it is possible to process almost all groundwater, including water with high density of iron and manganese organic matters.
      Case 2 Using a proprietary adsorption material, the system is able to process groundwater containing arsenic and fluorine exceeding standards.
      Case 3 Able to use for sea water desalination and salinized groundwater.
      (Preprocessing + reverse osmosis membrane specification)
      Case 4 Enables the dramatic reduction of water and sewage costs through ground water use and wastewater reuse.
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