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Business Activities

  • Product Water System
    • Water Treatment System with No Limitation of Water Source
    • Secured Water Supplying System Against Disaster
    • Cutting Edge Filtering Technology with No Limitation of Water Source
    • On-Site System
    • From Industrial Water to Drinking Water "We Have EXPERIENCES "
    • 24 Hours Monitoring System
  • Accomplishments
    • Recycling Drain water from RO Membrane Unit
    • Due to the Clean Water of the Well, Fireflies are Increasing Year by Year
    • 100% Removal of Arsenic from The Source Water
    • Space Saving Design
    • Purifying Groundwater Contaminated by Seawater
    • Emergency Drinking Water Supply


  • Portable Borehole Camera
    • Portable Borehole Camera/R-CAM1000XS
    • Specialties
    • Specifications of the Product
    • Download camera catalogue
    • Working Photos
    • Options & Others
    • Camera Comparative Chart
    • Prices & Quotations

Corporate Data

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